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Even for the most experienced professional self-confidence can be damaged by events with high impact (health worries, financial changes, job changes, family concerns), and COVID19 most definitely ticks those boxes!

Confidence returns/grows when you take positive action and face challenges that you find daunting.  The more you push yourself (in small ways) the more progress you make, and your inner support crew enables your confidence to grow/return.

During my 121 mentoring I work with many clients who have experienced confidence issues and my advice remains the same even in these unique times.   Here are a couple of tips if you are struggling with your own confidence right now:

TIP 1: Use auditory cues to retrain your brain – make a song list of uplifting songs and associate them with positive messages [e.g. “I’m strong”, “I’ve got this”,  confidence is just another skill – I can develop it with practice] so when you play the songs it reminds you of your messages or with an overall goal to increase your confidence.

Tip 2:  Use visual reminders – post it notes on a bathroom mirror, PC desktop, iPhone screen.  Pick two or three positive statements and create positive visual reminders and place them somewhere where you will keep reading them. E.g. caring about my family IS my job right now, 2020 is about learning about a new version of me which will be even better

Forcing yourself to change your mindset and think positively will work.  It’s about getting from a fixed to a growth mindset in difficult times when your inner self isn’t helping you as much as usual.

Worry and fear can also impact our confidence dramatically.  In the movie After Earth, there is a powerful scene where Will Smith’s character prepares his son to face the dangers they are about to encounter. Fear is not real,” he says. “It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice.”

Choose to be positive, don’t let your own thoughts make you fearful and take action (however small) and then anything is possible ?

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