Virtual Leadership

  • What’s the difference?
  • COVID-19 impact
  • Virtual vulnerability
  • Leadership awareness session
    • Self diagnostics
    • Feedback
  • Local versus global
  • Building relationships
  • Leadership team renewal
  • Virtual expectations

Managing a Virtual Team

  • What is a virtual team?
  • Benefits and challenges
  • Competencies and skills
  • Virtual team case study
  • Building a virtual team
  • Working on trust
  • Using technology effectively
  • Communication skills
  • Feedback skills
  • Managing performance from distance
  • Action plans

Managing Change to a Virtual World

Managing change virtually – workshop design

Change management is hard enough – human beings are not great with change in usual circumstances and COVID-19 has only intensified the impact.  Nothing is standard for organisations and as such not to manage change virtually needs content and timings designed to suite.

  • Change curves, icebergs and pandemics!
  • Individual and organisational change
  • How should change be managed in the virtual world?
  • What is needed from leaders?
  • Resistance and resistance management
  • Embracing the “new normal”

Workshops for teams

Introduction to Team Working

  • What is a team?
  • Advantages of having a team?
  • Stages of team development
  • Belbin introduction and team assessment
  • Who prefers which role?
  • What are the team strengths and weaknesses?
  • What’s the impact – what can you do virtually?

New Team Kick off Meeting

  • Who are we?
  • Tuckman: stages of team development
  • Beckhard: team effectiveness
    • clarify team purpose, aims or goals
    • define team roles
    • build relationships
    • establish ways of work together
  • Team purpose
    • virtual team meetings, norms and charter

Remote working and virtual teams

  • Introduction to remote teams
  • Challenges for remote teams
  • Tips for remote teams
    • Communication
    • Virtual meeting optimisation
    • Listening
    • Delegating responsibilities
    • Measuring performance
    • Decision making
    • Conflict resolution

Leading in a VUCA World

  • Volatility (focus on VISION – an intent that seeks to create a future)
  • Uncertainty (focus on UNDERSTANDING – the ability to stop, look, listen and learn)
  • Complexity (focus on CLARITY – the ability to make sense of chaos)
  • Ambiguity (focus on AGILITY – flexibility to  span boundaries of influence)

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