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Jacqui helped me when I was at a transition point in my career. She has a wealth of professional and corporate experience to call on. She was hugely empathetic and supportive to my circumstances and helped provide me with some real cut through clarity in my decision making. She encouraged and enabled me to view opportunities and challenges from different angles, and helped me gain a better understanding of my career goals.

Jacqui is great fun to work with brings real energy and personality to her sessions. I am extremely grateful to her for the patient and thoughtful insight she offered and for providing me with the tools to better define my career aspirations.

Stuart Keith

During a significant change and organisation restructure, Jacqui worked with us to understand exactly what our leadership gaps were and then to build a programme that would accelerate our development resulting in a stronger management team throughout the organisation within 18 months. Her style is direct and insightful, she is able to flex her style to ensure that every generation and profile of leader could benefit from her pragmatic coaching. Various leaders have contacted Jacqui independently since the end of the programme for further advice and support which underlines how effective and collaborative Jacqui has been for us.

Heather Hayes, HR Vice President, Horizon Discovery (Click circle below/swipe left for next testimonial)

Jacqui has an amazing capacity to help others make things happen. She has a profoundly impactful leadership style on a local and global scale. Having had the privilege of observing and working with Jacqui and her teams over a number of years, and experienced first-hand her philosophy of aip, I would have no hesitation recommending Jacqui as an expert that can bring inspiration, passion and focus to what you’re aiming to achieve.

Alison Dixon, Owner/Director Success Coaching & Development Ltd (Click circle below/swipe left for next testimonial)

I worked with Jacqui for 3 years. Her coaching and leadership shone a light on my own career
development in a way that hasn’t happened before. I have a very clear picture of how my behaviour
affects my work and how I can manage that. I used to think I would probably be someone that did
moderately well at work, but was probably not cut out for “the top”. I don’t feel like that anymore,
working with Jacqui made me realize its simply down to whether I want to go for it.

Josie Westley - Internal Communication Manager

Everything is possible with Anything is Possible!! We have been lucky enough to have had 7 staff training sessions run by Anything is Possible. The attendee’s feedback was great, and it has really helped people to work better and with more understanding for each other’s requirements

Kate Shaw, Patient Recruitment Director - Innovative Trials Limited

Jacqui was the first member I picked for my leadership team when I became the Head of Roche
Global Clinical Operations because I immediately recognized that she takes the organization’s
success very personally, not just as a job and that I can trust her integrity and deep insight into
people to drive for success. Jacqui’s skills in cutting through discussion noise, challenging
assumptions, pushing boundaries, and providing me with honest, direct feedback was extremely
valuable in leading the team.

Corsee D. Sanders, Ph.D. Senior Vice President, Genentech, Inc

I have had the great pleasure to have known and worked with Jacqui for more than 15 years. She is a
truly inspiring person, passionate about personal and team development to assist people to achieve
their full potential and a great believer in authenticity. I have seen many examples of her great
success in coaching and developing individuals, growing new teams and changing the culture and
engagement of organisations.

I approached Jacqui to assist me in building my new leadership team, which included individuals
newly promoted to leadership positions. I found her to be very knowledgeable and professional,
tailoring her approach to the team dynamics, guiding us through the thought processes to define our
vision and the roadmap to achieve our aspirations. Her thoughtful coaching resulted in rapid
progression to a high performing and mature leadership team

On a personal level, Jacqui has always taken the time to reach out to me personally with words of
support and encouragement. It has been incredibly uplifting to have someone with her energy and
experience reach out and offer support unprompted.

Renata Crome, Project Leader - Cancer Research UK

As someone responsible for developing change capability across an organisation, you want the support of an authentic, visionary leader; an exceptional communicator, who inspires others to join them in leading the change. As someone trying to personally deal with changes in their life, you want the support of a mentor who truly understands change, who appreciates, from personal experience, the impact it can have and who can skilfully help you to help yourself through it. Jacqui is someone who fulfils both those roles and more! I feel very fortunate to have had her as my mentor and guide from the start of my professional leadership journey.

Steph Attrik, Global Head – Change Management

Jacqui, as the leader of a cross-functional group of approximately 800 people, increased the overall employee engagement score substantially over an 18 month period. A remarkable feat achieved by her personal drive, and her unique in my experience, ability to understand, motivate and engage individuals and groups at the same time without at any stage losing sight of our strategic business objectives.

Jeff Titman - Deputy Pharma Development Site Head