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November 2015

Resilience: Are you winding down or hanging on?

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As I am approaching the end of the year, like many of you, I find myself trying to combine all the activities on my to-do list with preparation for Christmas and balancing a very busy time of year.   I have a couple of my clients to finish work with, a few pieces of work for the charities I am a Trustee of and even 2 networking events (which are not my favourite thing to do but now necessary in my new work world!). Also for the first year ever we have the majority of my partners’ family coming for Christmas so recipes and online shopping are surrounding me in abundance!  Trust me there are lists everywhere.

This made me think about if there was ever a “winding down period” or if life today is so busy for everyone that it’s a continuous loop.  Read More

Appreciating the importance of understanding me

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I’ve figured out over the years that if I understand me and then try and appreciate how “me” works (or doesn’t) with those around me there is a greater chance of something good happening. During my corporate life it became the basis of my leadership approach and I became a fan of Myers Briggs. Not to the degree that I became a practitioner but enough so that I understood my profile and the profile of those I worked with so I could not only be the best I could but also so I could understand people as individuals and therefore hopefully be a better colleague, team member, line manager, leader….. Read More