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21 Leadership Excellence Sessions

  • 121 introduction session with leader
  • “Tell Your Story”
  • Confidential interviews for feedback
    • Peers, managers, staff
  • Leadership awareness session
    • Self diagnostics
    • Interview feedback
    • Leadership simulation session(s)
  • Observe and reflect
  • 100 day leadership roadmap development
  • Leadership Team renewal
  • Reflection session(s)

The Shifting Nature of Leadership

  • Telling, selling, inclusion and co-creation
  • Capabilities to create context
    • Articulate, Expert, Authentic, Empathetic
  • Capabilities to manage participation
    • Coaching through change
    • Negotiation
    • Discernment
    • Sharing power
    • Balancing pace and pressure
    • Facilitation
  • Ensuring spectators become committed employees
  • Storytelling. vulnerability and other enables of authentic leadership

 Change Management

Change management workshop design

Introduction to, managing or leading change sessions often need to be custom designed to ensure success.  Organisations may be new to understanding change and it’s impact or they may be undergoing major strategic or cultural change or perhaps there are critical change projects needed for specific business challenges.  Content and timings are designed to suite.

  • Change curves and icebergs!
  • What is change management?
  • The link between individual and organisational change
  • Who needs to be involved in managing change?
  • How should change be managed?
  • How to lead through change
  • Resistance and resistance management
  • Sustaining the change