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I consider myself in a privileged position to be able to do this.

I support causes close to my heart and for a variety of reasons.

Here is more information on my social responsibility activities

I regularly volunteer my time and skills to support this small, ambitious charity.  EDS UK exists to raise awareness of Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS), to improve their diagnosis and ensure access to good quality care.  They support people with EDS, their families and carers by giving them the best available information and the opportunity to share experiences as part of a broad community

Our special social responsibility project

Beyond Borders’ Girl Power Haiti

Since starting Anything Is Possible Ltd 4 years ago I have been searching for a cause I could support to improve society in some way.  Clearly as a single consultant it won’t be as grand as some corporate social responsibility efforts you see in large organisations but I wanted something that reflected my own personal values and somehow linked to my company.

Ironically, the cause found me by the way of a talented young woman called Marika.  I’m not sure I believe in fate but something played a hand because her grandfather was a (wonderful) past boss of mine and he knows about my company.  A few months ago, he visited Marika and she showed him the t-shirt she had designed to raise funds for a campaign her and her mother (Coleen) passionately support.  He realised her slogan was the same as my company name.  The fate was sealed!



Help me make a difference

Marika wrote a letter to me to tell me about making and selling a few t-shirts for Girl Power Haiti!  She told me that she had lived most of her life with her mother in Haiti and she was raising money because she believes every girl deserves to grow up in freedom and in school, free from violence and discrimination.   The t-shirts quickly sold out but the need to free, educate and empower girls goes on and so I decided to try and help.

The charity is nearly half way towards its £115,000 ($150,000) goal and I’m hoping my friends and clients will join anything is possible ltd and push it a little bit closer.  When you give to Beyond Borders’ Girl Power Haiti! campaign you’ll help:

  • end child slavery, which disproportionately traps girls,
  • improve girls’ educational opportunities and make schools safer,
  • expand programs proven to change attitudes about girls and women,
  • prevent violence against girls and women.

I am guaranteeing enough to support 10 health care workers to respond to domestic violence but I’d love to do so much more.  If 10 people give just £7.50 ($10) we can send a girl freed from slavery to school for one year.

Please give what you can via Coleen’s donation page: and please use #anythingispossible in the Donor Information comments box so Marika knows the donation is because of her efforts and so I know how well my social responsibility efforts are doing.

Thank you so much!

From Marika (Girl Power Haiti!) and Jacqui (anything is possible ltd)



The Aspire Foundation

Mentor for The Aspire Foundation – Making A Difference to 1 Billion Women & Girls by 2020


Business support and coach for CEO of AzuKo – an architecture charity looking to alleviate poverty through sustainable development. They work alongside socially and economically disadvantaged communities to create culturally sensitive design solutions.

Child Contact Centres

Member of Board of Trustees for Stevenage & North Herts Child Contact Centres  which offer a friendly  and neutral place where children of separated families can spend time  with one or both parents and sometimes other family members.  

we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

Winston Churchill

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