Jacqui Spencer

  • Everything I offer comes from personal experience (good and bad)
  • I have held global leadership and line management accountabilities for more than 15 years including strategic organisational design and implementation, transformational change, internal communication and people strategies
  • I started anything-is-possible to focus on leadership, team excellence, change management, and employee engagement because organisations don’t change –people do. These areas were the critical success factors for my own leadership journey
  • I believe what makes me unique is the combination of hands-on experience of being a leader, solid technical knowledge of critical areas of importance to a leader and a large dash of “feeling” to help you create your own leadership roadmap

I believe I have a unique combination of experience and expertise because I’ve been a leader myself and worked in a variety of organisational designs.   I know what hinders, hurts and helps.   I combine nearly 3 decades of working knowledge with emotional intelligence and focus on understanding self and others. My goal for everything I do for public, private or charity sector organisations or individuals is to create something worthwhile– life’s too short not to make a difference.